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Welcome to Cabal 2 PBE!

Cabal 2 Download Public Beta.

Cabal 2 Public Beta Environment allows players to get hands-on experience with content before it is released to other environments. Players on the Cabal 2 PBE can provide feedback on changes and assist in identifying bugs and other issues. If you would like to take part, use the cabal 2 download button on the bottom of the page.

Click here for Cabal 2 download.


Story-based MMORPG Cabal 2 boasts rich scenarios and unlike any other MMORPGs, the game has an actual ‘scenario ending’. The game play greatly surpasses and evolutionizes the original game’s stylish action-packed combat system and combo skill system. The game’s lifelike AI monsters and NPCs will vitalize dynamic gaming world, and players can experience rich story lines while confronting enemies and doing many more things other than typical hunting and rooting.

To create the best MMORPG in the world, the game uses CryENGINE3 for the best visual performance and gameplay. By maximizing already great features of CryENGINE3, Cabal 2 will satisfy MMO users all over the world with never-before-seen game experience.

About beta

We added more content and increased level to 35(previous was 30) and players get one more map to explore. You can learn new skills and use more advanced weapons to increase your characters destruction.

Available classes

cabal 2 download

Free to play

You can play cabal 2 now, download the client by clicking the button below.The game is free to play!

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